Rohan Malhotra


Rohan takes investment decisions at Investopad and also works on the network access side. This means he works relentlessly to ensure that founders have access to leaders in an industry, experts in a given domain, and open doors to larger customers.


Arjun Malhotra


Arjun takes investment decisions at Investopad and also works with teams on strategy for company-building, product and distribution. He helps teams focus on the right things and augments product thinking.


Esther Fell

Head of Operations

Esther runs operations at Investopad. She runs the non-investment side which oversees all our locations, digital products and customer experiences.


Devanshi Patel

Portfolio Growth

Devanshi plays matchmaker for potential portfolio companies to mentors. She sources quality teams to join the Investopad Portfolio and helps them build upon the right relationships.


Kartic Rakhra

City Lead

Kartic (yes, that's how he spells his name!) handles partner relations in addition to overseeing our Bangalore operations. He's our go-to guy for all things Bangalore!


Louisa Currie

Human Resources

Louisa organises the structure at Investopad. She ensures processes and standards are set in place to create an effective workplace. At times, she's also considered the company's therapist!