Profits Hackathon

  • Investopad Bangalore 19, 80 Feet Rd. (Opp Costa Coffee) Koramangala, Bangalore India

Investopad brings you "Profits Hackathon" in association with Business Sherpa for early stage Entrepreneurs/SMEs. Hacks to increase profit and overcome growth barriers. 

During this session we will:

  • Vote on top 1-2 challenges we have.
  • Put a business in the hot seat.
  • Explore how we could hack our challenge.
  • Reflect on what we learnt.
  • Also, Akshay will share a mix of innovation war stories and screw ups.

The outcomes of the session: Less like a presentation, more like prototyping.

  • Framework to doubling profits repeatedly different businesses.
  • Challenge limiting mindsets that hold you back from maximizing profits and how to shift to winning in those areas.
  • Six questions every business should ask to break out of commodity pricing and low margins.
  • Test the 2 parts of creating compelling offers that win with clients and against competition.

Clients results:

  • 42% increase in sales & 300% increase in leads 6 months for IT infrastructure firm.
  • 2X monthly billing in 120 days - converting higher & faster.
  • Changing the business model from one time deals with creating recurring revenue.
  • Doubling average deal size from 3-6 lakhs+ in 4 months.
  • Mapping and upgrading process to cut time in half.

Hackathon Host:

Akshay Cherian: Co-founded Business Sherpa ( along with his wife Selvi Radhakrishnan Cherian. Business Sherpa focuses on enabling businesses to create 10X profits in two years and currently leading a portfolio 8 companies. As the co-founder of Metaresults has co-led over 50 innovation projects for mid-sized & Fortune 1000 companies with over $10 million in results.

  • He currently is the executive coach to 21 product teams at Institute of Product Leadership.
  • Akshay has also co-authored a book, Great Work Hack.