Investopad was founded in 2014, by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, to help startups create value and build long-term, successful businesses.

Indian entrepreneurs today demand a world class environment: surrounded by a tight-knit community of high-quality entrepreneurs, conducive to creativity, ambition and impact. Investopad is a platform for growth and provides early stage startups access to practical support, mentorship, and early stage capital. We work hands-on with our portfolio teams and leverage our deep-reaching network of experienced entrepreneurs to help them be the best.

Over the course of two years, we have made about 9 investments. We plan to make around 15 investments every year in early-stage, small teams, focused primarily on technology product innovations.

We don’t pretend to know all the answers, but we rely heavily on an extended network of entrepreneurs and industry leaders – we work hard to bring these experts to interact closely with our teams, share insight/learnings, unlock industry access and ultimately join us as co-investors. Our dependence on a network of experts/co-investors helps us bring in the best angel-stage investors across industries.

Our relationships are not limited to startups we have invested in but start when founders are a long way away from fundraising. We get our hands dirty and prove our value to teams much before they need the first round of investment.

There are no hard and fast rules but we prefer investing in teams that have worked at an Investopad location, where we have had the opportunity to build relationships with founders. This means that teams often join Investopad at an idea stage. We will typically see founders evolve through multiple iterations of pilots, user testing, and product thinking. Here, we interact with teams on an informal, regular basis. The frequent interactions help us touch base with teams to help solve many challenges: whether hiring, product design, bringing in big-name customers, obstacles in domain understanding, access to strategic players distribution or anything else.

The importance of strategic investors at an early stage is significant: all the way from product thinking, industry knowledge, investment signalling and more. The earlier we work with founders, the easier it is for us to bring on people who can tip the balance for the startup.

We do not take any preferential stake or hold any right of exclusive investment in startups. We simply look to invest in the first round (generally by leading) and ensure we have brought along the right angels as co-investors. We serve as an extended team for each startup and work hard to help make each team successful.

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